Founding Conference 2011 (Dublin)

Founding Conference

23–25 February, 2011 -Trinity Long Room Hub Dublin

The purpose of the conference was to consolidate efforts to set up a European Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centres that will provide a forum to discuss important issues in the field of arts and humanities. The pre-existing ‘Consortium for the New Humanities in the 21st century’, set up by Utrecht in 2008, converged with this newly founded consortium .

The conference had three components:
• Academic papers on topics of general concern to European humanities
• A poster session with information on humanities centres and institutes
• A business session to decide on the establishment of ECHIC

The list of proposed topics for the conference panels was:
1. Converging humanities (interdisciplinary research collaboration across faculty divides).
2. Humanities serving European society.
3. New interfaces between the Humanities, the sciences and technology .
4. Humanities in European universities: institutional practices and models.
5. The permanence of the classics (bringing the classics into contemporary society).
6. Training the next generations.

Conference Programme

Biographical Details of Speakers