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Call for papers - 2019 ECHIC Conference "Humanities and the Arts: Creative Industries and Cultural Democracy,"4-5 April 2019, Athens (Greece) - Deadline for submissions: September 30, 2018

This is a reminder that the deadline for abstract submission is September 31 2018. The 2019 conference,” Humanities and the Arts,” hosted in Athens, will address the interface between humanities and the arts within Europe in a globalised world.

The conference explores the creative industries as a paradigmatic topos of such confluences. It will also reflect on questions about the relation between creative economies and cultural democracy, and the relations between creativity, ethics and politics which speak to contemporary concerns beyond academia.
CFP available here.

Introducing COVE

COVE is The Central Online Victorian Educator, a scholar-driven open-access platform that publishes peer-reviewed Victorian material ( It is maintained and supported by NAVSA (North America Victorian Studies Association), BAVS (British Association for Victorian Studies), AVSA (Australasian Victorian Studies Association) and a number of independent institutions. COVE intends to establish a sustainable alternative to academic publishing, facilitate the adoption of open-source tools for scholars, and bridge the gap between teaching and research. The General Editor Dino Franco Felluga, is interested in hearing from colleagues based in Europe who might like to get involved in the project.

FP9 Horizon Europe

Several university associations and the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH) (of which ECHIC is a founding member) have submitted a joint set of revisions to the EU Commission’s proposal for Horizon Europe. Their recommendations include: increase the total budget; review the budget allocation; better linkages between research, innovation and education; and stronger human and societal approaches in all clusters and missions. Read the full document here.
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